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Technology has advanced extremely rapidly in the last 10 years. Cars are electric and they can drive themselves. Pretty soon humans won’t be needed for anything. We have “friends” we have never met, we send “snaps” that disappear, and tweet our feelings for the the world to see.


Getting back to the technology of cars that can drive themselves, Uber ride sharing company is developing a car that will pick you up without a driver in the driver’s seat. The theory behind Uber’s thinking is that it will be cheaper to take Uber if there is not a driver to have to pay. I am not sure this something I would be willing to try.


Speaking of the electric cars, Tesla is also trying to advance the technology of cars that drive themselves. In fact, Tesla’s already have a car out that will parallel park for you, hands free and drive for you which is fricking amazing. The sad part of this story and there was actually a death from the self driving Tesla but really what do expect when testing in uncharted space. Supposedly, the driver was watching a Harry Potter movie while the car was speeding.


At what point will humans stop trying to eliminate other humans? One of my favorite parts about taking Uber or Lyft is meeting and visiting with the driver. I enjoy and use many of the technological advances that have popped up in the recent past. We need to keep technology’s role in our lives in check. We spend our time staring at our cell phones instead of having conversations and care more about what people on the internet, that we have never met, think of us than the people we live with and see every day.


Technology is a good thing and helps the world move forward and be more connected, but let’s not let technology replace our human connection.



Love my iphone for sure no doubt about it. Not sure what is happening out there in Iphone land but hearing about phones exploding in people’s pockets is pretty disturbing for sure. I really am now reconsidering how I go about using and interacting with my mobile devices. I really don’t feel like waking up to a burning phone on my dresser or having to toss a flaming droid out of my car window while going 65 MPH down the freeway. What are these technology companies doing out there in nerdy engineering land? Have they forgot how to do their jobs? I know Ol’ Steve jobs is probably rolling over in his grave right now just pissed that this has happened. Anyway that’s my opinion and everyone is welcome to chime in on what they think about this situation.

I have a friend, who owns a great las vegas electrician company, and he has been very involved in the technology industry for many years. His thoughts on this subject have been directed at a failure to give a crap about your job as far as the engineers are concerned. But to be fair the manufacturing process can be just as much to blame as anyone so either way they need to get their crap together and handle this problem. If my children or wife have an incident like this I will dedicate my life to making these idiots lives a living hell.


Oh Hell No!

What do you get when you combined a veteran restaurateur and the former general manager of XBOX Live? You get robots cooking your food!  Julia Collins and Alex Garden are taking the concept of cooking and delivery to a whole new level. They strive to become the “Amazon” of pizza delivery.


Zume Pizza is taking the technology and pizza to a dimension most of us have not even imagined. How do you feel about a robot making your pizza? Well, if you order from Zume that is exactly the kind of pizza you will get. They have also developed a pizza delivery truck that could possibly outshine every delivery option available. These special trucks are equipped with pizza ovens that are run by a computer system that will finish cooking each pizza to coincide with the time it takes to get to the delivery address. That is what you call “right out of the oven”.


Now, some of you maybe thinking that this will put humans out of a job, but they claim that will most definitely not be the case. As of now, the robots and humans work together to create the pizza. The chef puts on the toppings and is there to make sure everything’s running smoothly. The plan is to eventually have the robots doing all the “heavy lifting” and the chefs that currently work side by side with them will move to different positions. They will get to test their knowledge and skills in areas such as technical support, engineering, or web design. In order to help with the job transition, Zume plans to offer tuition assistance to those who want to educate themselves graphic design or other areas where they can be an asset to the company.
Most of you are probably wondering one very important thing. How does it taste? Collins says that the money they save on labor goes toward using higher quality products on the pizza. They are pay very close attention to the nutritional value of the pie. Zume pizza’s are about ½ the calories per slice of a regular pizza and contain less fat and cholesterol. As far as taste, Yelp reviews show people who have reviewed the pizza, though the taste was great. However, if you want to find out for yourself, you will have to travel to Mountain View, California to place an order. As of now, they are a local company, but my guess is there will be Zume’s popping up all over before long.

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